Simple .htaccess .htpasswd restricted access user password management.

Simple .htaccess Password Management!


.htAdmin allows you to secure and restrict access to as much or as little of a website as is required. Perform all admin functions using your favorite browser.
  • Secure And Restrict Any Single Directory Or An Entire Site
  • Compatible With All Unix/Linux Servers
  • One CGI-Perl Script
  • Only Four Simple Variables To Define
  • Very Simple Installation Process
  • Uses .htaccess And .htpasswd Files
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Manage User Additions And Deletions With One Simple Website Form
  • All Admin Functions Performed Via Your Favorite Browser
Click the "Demo" button to experience a fully functional script in action.

We also include our script that will provide you with all of your server path information simply by installing to the same directory as the script and navigating to it with your browser.

You've probably seen other CGI-Perl scripts that display server environmentals, but we've dispensed with the minutia that tends to clutter the process and provide only the information that is useful to launching a new script, with just a couple of other goodies thrown in that a webmaster would appreciate.

Screenshot Of The Output

The script provides the following details:

  • Server Status Including Uptime And Load Average
  • Server Software
  • Server OS
  • Version Of Perl
  • Path To Perl
  • Server IP Address
  • Domain Name
  • Server Path To Root Directory
  • Server Path To Script
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