Simple .htaccess .htpasswd restricted access user password management.

Simple .htaccess Password Management!

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With only four variables to define, .htadmin is about as simple a CGI-Perl script as you'll find, but it is necessary to have a basic understanding of CGI-Perl and feel comfortable in the ability to make simple edits. It is also necessary to have the full path information of your server to the directory that you plan to install this script to and also the directory that you plan to protect. If you are not sure of these paths, make sure that you have access to a website admin that does.

.htadmin was designed and programmed for use on servers running a Unix/Linux OS although we have received positive feedback from customers who have successfully implemented the script on servers running a Windows OS. Please be advised that we offer NO support for this script running on anything other than Unix/Linux.

You may click here to view the README.txt file that is included with the download.

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